Saturday, November 17, 2012

My Theory

I've been thinking lately about hardware and software with respect to the brain and the mind. The hardware (your brain) is what you're stuck with, but the software (your mind, your interpretive apparatus) you can re-program.  People who use drugs and other chemicals are trying to fix the hardware without changing the programming, believing that fixing the hardware is enough.  Whether it really fixes the hardware is still being researched, but I believe that the behavior that has resulted from the faulty hardware also needs to be fixed because it will continue despite the chemical patches applied to the brain.

It's important to re-program the mind, whether or not you try to patch the brain, because it is the programming and your response to the programming that are making your life miserable, not the brain.  The brain is doing its thing, but your response to what your brain is doing is causing the problems.

Here are the main tenets of my theory:

1.  Hyperalert people have a certain inconvenient brain chemistry.

2.  The hyperalert brain delivers a message of danger, evoking fear.

3.  The mind tries to contextualize the fear.

4.  The mind causes the organism to respond with fight or flight.

5.  The action causes the organism to feel better (until the next time).

In order to be more convincing with my argument, though, I need more back up from science. So I'm going to buy a textbook about this subject and read it and then study this topic until I have support for my theory.

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