Thursday, February 2, 2012

Chasing the Blues Away

Some days are harder than others to chase the blues away.  It's funny--I've heard that expression all my life but never before this moment really thought about it as being a real struggle. When you think about what people do to chase the blues away, it usually involves having a party, or maybe going for a trip, or watching a comedy show, or even singing the blues.  People do have to work at keeping sadness at bay, and the blues are usually thought of as something that happens without warning or even sometimes without reason. 

In the middle ages and the Renaissance, people thought melancholia was a condition brought on by the wrong combination of bodily fluids--too much black bile, they surmised. (In fact, the word melancholy can be translated as black [melan] bile [chole].)  Hamlet was thought to be suffering from the condition.  If you think about it, they weren't too far off with their theory; they just picked the wrong organ.  The blues always results from an imbalance, but it's of brain chemicals.  Chasing away the blues can only be done by correcting that imbalance, whether through chemicals or diet or exercise or some other activity that triggers the change.

Sometimes I have a hard time finding the right activity to fix my brain chemistry.  Today I tried staying home from work, reading a mystery novel, and now writing.  None of these techniques are working too well.  What to do?  I'm not really sure.  Keep trying, I guess.  Maybe I'll have lunch, see if that works.

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